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Lost & Missing Parcel Reconciliation for Couriers

Does your organisation receive customer complaints regarding missing or lost customer parcels? Even delayed parcel delivery? You will agree that It takes reasonable amount of time, human resources and effort to investigate, resolve and respond to each of the customer complaint, nevertheless it is essential you respond to these customer complaints as it reflects on the reputation of your business. Rather than using your precious time to follow up on the whereabouts of your customers parcels every time you receive a customer complaint. AddressDynamic will do all that for you. Meaning you can now focus on running and growing your business.

Using our global online hub for missing, lost and delayed parcels, your customers can now lodge their missing or lost parcel complaints on AddressDynamic. We will investigate and pass on the result of the investigation to you periodically depending on your requirement.

Prefer to do the investigation yourself? That’s perfectly fine, we can collect and collate the complaints on our online hub and send to you to investigate. We can send collated missing or lost parcel enquiry reports to you hourly, twice a day, or once a day depending on your preference.

The additional benefit of using our online hub for missing and lost parcel is that when there is a corresponding lodgement in our database your customer will receive an automated SMS notification advising them their parcel has been located. This information is sent to the customer after we’ve first sent you the update. If you choose to exclusively send the update to the customer yourself we can also comply with that to suit you. Relieving you of the extensive financial resources as well as time required to address this essential unit of your business.

AddressDynamic can do all the above reconciliation starting at $0.50 per tracking number. Currently our users come from locations around the world including Vietnam, Poland, United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Canada.