Welcome to AddressDynamic we are a missing and lost parcel and mail recovery & reconciliation hub. We are free for all non business accounts.

Have you experience delayed mail or parcel delivery? Have you experienced missing or lost parcel or mail? Have you received a parcel that is meant for someone else while your own parcel has been delivered to a wrong address?. Are you a courier service provider, freight forwarder, airline operator? Do you receive packages that are hard to idenify their owners? If yes you need AddressDynamic.

AddressDynamic ..Global Business Tool.

Generate & send parcel delivery status notifications through SMS to your customers. Ready to send list of parcel delivery status notifications are available. Perfect for • Small couriers. • Small businesses • eCommerce businesses • Notification can be generated in 2 simple clicks • No IT or system skill required.

Delivery status notification examples?

Your parcel has now been shipped estimated delivery date is xyz
Your parcel has been custom cleared and will be delivered today.
Your packgae is ready to be picked up
Missed attempted delivery call us to arrange a redelivery.
We've encountered delivery exception with your parcel
. Your order has been received Your order has been processed and shipped tracking number is xyz and ETA is 01/01/1900
And many more features.
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