IoT Code

Millions of mail and parcels are lost every year. Lost parcel and mail occur mainly because receivers’ information and paperwork attached to a package fades or falls-off while in transit. This is not surprising as parcels travel through many hands before reaching its destination. Weather conditions, rough handling of package, and wrongly addressed parcel are some causes of lost and missing parcels. This is a problem not only for the shipper and receiver but for the delivery companies handling the package as they spend extra resources to find a customers package when it goes missing and pay claims if it is eventually deemed as lost.

An AddressDynamic code is an IoT (Internet of Things) 12 digit numerical code which when written on a parcel with a traditional ink pen or permanent marker, is used to identify either the shipper or the receiver. When a delivery company is unable to identify a package OR a parcel has been wrongly addressed. The 12 digit AD code on the package when entered on addressdynamic will automatically notify the receiver through SMS that the verified parcel delivery company needs his/her details confirmed for a pending delivery. This avoids the possible loss or delay in delivering the parcel.
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